Mas malaki pa sa ‘kin chichirya, Ma. #JusticeTheDog likes Oishi

Here’s to you, coffee lovers!

@Oishiph also introduces creamy goodness and fast coffee in a box


Head over to Ayala Triangle Festival of Lights today as /react-text @OishiPh react-text: 58 brings you the /react-text #OishiSnackShack react-text: 60 where you can fill the 2 ft. giant pack with as much snacks as you can in 60 seconds. /react-text 
react-text: 62 You can also avail of the Cuckoo, Weeshee, and World of O, Wow Bags that are perfect as Christmas gifts!

7 days before Christmas. These amazing treats from @oishiphcan be a wonderful gift this Holiday season. The Oishi World of O, Wow! Bag will be available today ( December 18, 2016 ) at the Ayala Triangle, Festival of Lights. Do drop by at the Oishi Snack Shack booth to get your own Oishi Chritmas gift packs. 

Oishi drink all day.

New love from @oishiph! Yey for milk tea!

#coffee says hi!

Corn Pillows by Abigail and Jaden
Leafy Turtle by Rynne and Bianca
Spinach Crackers by Allyna