Just discovered a new favorite! @oishiph #OatiesMilk! Yummeeeh!

My daily dose of Vit. C! ❤️

So good! Ube you’ve always been my weakness.

Say “I love you” with Wafu #oishi #owow


that thing called gutom
That Thing Called Tomguts Na

That Thing Called Tomguts Na

Good morning!!! My Favorite breakfast is Filipino breakfast and it is the only reason i will wake up at 4:30am. Longganisa tocino, Sunny side up egg, salted egg, and kamatis, and garlic rice. Missing you my dearest danggit and tuyo..

Kung may feeling gwapo..may chocolate filling Wafu hihi<3 #OishiOWow #GGSS #LikeAPogi

Snack of the day. Thank you @oishitweets!

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Game essentials. @oishiph #rafaelnadal #SmartC

Life’s a rocky road. And so is this Choco Chug.