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#OishiOWow Fun Day

February 19, 2014

It was all fun and games with Team O during the #OishiOWow Fun Day at SKYE Lounge. Hosts RJ Ledesma and Suzy Gamboa introduced this year’s Team O members showcasing their latest Team O videos. Team O also had a surprise activity for Oishi’s family as the members all togethe had their own interactive stations which they manned; a Kaleidoscope World Forever More karaoke challenge for Elmo, a zorb ball course for Slater, a boot camp for Ramon and a shoot our for Daniel Padilla

#medyobadboy at the #OishiOWow event

Giant Oishi products!! #OishiOWow

Salamat Oishi at nagdevelop pa talaga kayo ng snack na para sa mga #LikeAPogi #OishiOWow #GGSS

Giant bags of Oishi to take home after an active morning. #oishiowow

So blending with the #oishiowow here at Sky Lounge

Team O: Tag your Daniel Padilla

Team O: Tag your Daniel Padilla

December 11, 2013

50 Daniel Padilla look alikes, dressed in red jackets, white shirts and black shades, were set to roam about the courtyard of CuliatHigh School. Having prepared a dance performance, students watched and applauded. Little did they know that amidst this crowd of dancers, the newest Team O member would actually be amongst them.


Team O: Jeep O

October 29, 2013

Oishi and Team O members Ramon Bautista, Elmo Magalona, and Slater Young devised a very special O Wow surprise for young students in the Intramuros and Luneta area. Jeep O—a special jeep driven and occupied by these three celebrities in disguise. surprising those who came aboard.

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