A film about the many reactions, feelings and emotions that are unexpectedly shown whenever one is placed in a “hot” situation or moment. #OishiTrueColors

Testing out the trampoline at the #oishisnacktacular event (today and tomorrow at glorietta). #owow Do this activity, post it online, and rejuvenate with a rewarding complimentary smart c drink afterwards.


Thank you, Oishi, for the big bags of treats! To those who wanna make their own Oishi snacks, drop by the Glorietta 2 Activity Center tomorrow. @coleengarcia and I love Oishi! #oishisnacktacular #oishiwow Thanks, @fcobigboy!

O, wow! You can really create your own @oishiph snack – from the kind of chips to use, the flavors you will combine, and even the label! Enzo mixed nori + wasabi. Celestia really enjoyed ketchup + cheese. Paolo and I experimented and combined white cheddar + sweet & spicy! Sarap pala!

Remember those huge @oishiph bags that they sent as invitations for the Make Your Own Oishi Snack event? You can take home your own mini version, too – and fill it up with all the Oishi snacks you want!!!

Managing Ed @elainecarag enjoying this big bag of treats at #oishisnacktacular! Who’s here to catch Team O? #oishiowow

Today’s Haul #OishiSnacktacular #OishiOWow Thanks, @oishiph!

Oishi Snacktacular!!!

Happy 40 years to our Oishi family. So proud to be part of Team O! #OishiOWow #OishiSnacktacular @bernardokath @agenyyellow @elmomagalona @ramonbautista @oishiph

#TeamO’s #OishiOWow moment yesterday in Glorietta! @thatguyslater with Daniel, Kathryn, Elmo, Ramon #oishisnacktacular

Creating “Rhian’s 2 Cheese and Ketchup” snack =) #Oishi