Here’s a fun way to serve #OishiBreadPan sa next merienda date mo with your friends. #OishiOWow

Orange everywhere jk!

Im too weak to eat something like this

Busy with schoolwork? Ok lang ‘yan! May Oishi snacks naman eh. ;) #OishiOWow

Went to the filo shop this afternoon to get some stuff and found this chips! Brings back my childhood mem’ries! #filipino #pinay #oishi #cracklings #foodporn

Normally when i drink milk or even eat unsweetened cereals i have to put sugar coz i don’t just like the taste of milk unless it’s sweetened. but this one is an exemption,plus the fact it’s high in fiber it’s not sweet but it doesn’t taste like regular milk!

Today’s morning gulp! #oishi #oishiohwow #elaineefinds

Just discovered a new favorite! @oishiph #OatiesMilk! Yummeeeh!

My daily dose of Vit. C! ❤️

So good! Ube you’ve always been my weakness.

Say “I love you” with Wafu #oishi #owow